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The Fairy School of Dance and Music

St Albans News, October 2008

Pam, the School’s Director, has taught, examined and adjudicated students of Ballet and Dance in Christchurch, Australia and Hong Kong for the past twenty years, and more recently has opened The Fairy School of Dance and Music, at the St Albans Community Centre.

This unique school has been developed following intensive planning and preparation. Classes have been designed to cater exclusively for the very young child to bring forth their creative potential through dance, education, movement and music…and fun!

“Fairy Dance” is a magical experience for toddlers, pre-schoolers and new entrants who love to use their imaginations naturally while blending fantasy and reality. Dramatic play enhances social, psychological and cognitive development, while dance develops basic motor skills, co-ordination and balance. Careful training and special care are given to every fairy!

Small classes are held Tuesday afternoons, Thursday and Saturday mornings, and are in high demand. Enrol for Term 4 for these enchanting classes by phoning Alison at the office: 379 6305 or Pam: 021 120 6540.

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